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june 20 2012 : "For our country, the last 35 years have seen a NZ struggle to have access to markets, as we have gone through a wrenching adjustment process from an economic mono-culture (we were a farm for Britain) to developing platforms into the emerging economies".

Editor note : Trade access in one thing. Unbridled corpororate power over democratic sovereignty futures is another.


july 5 2012 : The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) is concerned at the possible implications for New Zealand libraries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement TPP and is particularly concerned that the TPP may include changes to New Zealand copyright law which will have a serious impact on New Zealand libraries.

For more information about the TPP and i

july 3 2012 : How could something this extreme have gotten so far? The process has been shockingly secretive. While the Occupy movement has forced a public discussion of extreme corporate influence on every aspect of our lives, behind closed doors corporate America is implementing a stealth strategy to formalize its rule in a truly horrifying manner.

The TPP proposes grandiose new rights an

july 7 2012 : Concerns have been mounting over part of the TPP deal which gives foreign investors power over countries.

A group of 135 legislators from all 50 US states this week wrote to US Trade Representative Ron Kirk saying an investor-state dispute settlement procedure had no place in the TPP.

Our NZ Trade Negotiations Minister Tim Groser admits that the Trans Pacific Partnership tra

june 5 2012 : Rupert Murdoch has cancelled his summer party in London, and the media magnate is not alone in his shame. The British Bankers’ Association took Mr Murdoch’s cue by cancelling its summer reception too.

What’s been happening here is a much-needed reassessment of acceptable standards of behaviour. As the economic austerity has ushered in a national process of truth and reconcilia

june 18 2012 : A new study finds ancient Antarctica was much warmer and wetter than previously suspected. The climate was suitable to support substantial vegetation — including stunted trees — along the edges of the frozen continent.

The peak of this Antarctic greening occurred during the middle Miocene period, between 16.4 and 15.7 million years ago. This was well after the age of the din

july 3 2012 : According to inside US Trade & Intellectual Property negotiators at the current San Diego round of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), negotiations are discussing the “less controversial areas, including copyrights and general IPR provisions.”

In fact, the general provisions and copyright chapters include some of the most controversial issues in the agreement – exte

july 2 2012 : Remember when 2001 Economics Nobel Prize Winner and author of the just released "The Price of Inequality" Joseph Stiglitz wrote a series of papers in the 1970s and 1980s explaining how when some individuals have access to privileged knowledge or "asymmetric information" that others don't, free markets yield bad outcomes for our wider society.

Well, the traders working for Barc
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