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sept 29 2012 : Reformers within the Roman Catholic Church have been calling for the ordination of women as priests. In 2008, the Vatican decreed that any woman who sought ordination, or a bishop who conferred holy orders on her, would be immediately “punished with excommunication”.

Also see Newsweek article "Let There Be Wife, Jesus’s Wife": The recent discovery of a scrap of papyrus making

sept 21 2012 : Naomi Wolf: Once, everyone in the USA believed they could succeed by hard work and gumption. I have been noticing, with sadness, that now their politicians do not even bother invoking the American Dream anymore. Republicans no longer pretend to believe the myth.

We thus see a turning-point in American conservative philosophy. Mitt Romney has told us that it's now simply a clas

sept 13 2012 : In a matter of weeks, the Australian government will release a White Paper entitled "Australia in the Asian Century."

This should raise alarm bells in Washington and the region. It signals that America's staunchest ally in Asia may be losing faith in the revival of the U.S. economy. If so, steadfast support for the alliance will not be far behind.

The report will look at h

sept 10 2012 : Gordon Campbell writes - Arguably then, if we do see our future trade interests as being part of Asia, we should detach ourselves from the TPP as discreetly as we can. Because, to repeat:

(a) The TPP is little more than a Washington–led security alliance in the guise of a trade pact, and is being directed tactically against a China that we should be seeking to befriend;


aug 23 2012 : mike joy : Imagine if someone told you that over the last 70 years NZ had systematically contaminated large areas of our very best agricultural and horticultural soils with a toxic carcinogenic heavy metal, (via the application of vast tonnages of the chemical fertilizer super phosphate), and that as a result we will be unable to grow food for human consumption on large tracts of

aug 6 2012 : George Monbiot: Payments for 'ecosystem services' look like the prelude to the greatest privatisation since enclosure.

Land ownership since the time of the first impostor has involved the gradual accumulation of exclusive rights, which were seized from commoners. Payments for ecosystem services extend this encroachment that were previously deemed to belong to everyone and no one

aug 6 2012 : If this new mood hardens, it could mark the end of an era of lower taxes, deregulation and rising inequality that began in the late 1970s, with the rise of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the west and of Deng Xiaoping in China.

James Callaghan, the prime minister Mrs Thatcher defeated in 1979, recently remarked perceptively: “There are times, perhaps once every 30 years

aug 2 2012 : Pacific Fibre project hits the wall. Director Rod Drury told it was made "very clear" by American authorities they would not permit significant Chinese investment in the US$400 million 13,000 km fibre-optic cable linking Auckland, Sydney and Los Angeles.

"The United States has previously expressed concerns about Huawei and other Chinese submarine cable suppliers f
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