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nov 30 2012 : Beware the TPP and lawyers counsel.

Cecilia Olivet, from the Transnational Institute, one of the report’s authors said: “The alleged fairness and independence of investment arbitration is entirely illusory."

"Governments have their hands tied, while multinationals benefit from an inherently pro-corporate bias."

"A handful of firms are actively encouraging corporate clie

nov 17 2012 : The shale-gas revolution in America has been as sudden and startling as a supertanker performing a handbrake turn. A country that once fretted about its dependence on Middle Eastern fossil fuels is now on the verge of self-sufficiency in natural gas.

But the environmental scorecard is more mixed. Burning fossil fuels adds to greenhouse-gas emissions, which cook the planet.

nov 8 2012 : The election in 2008 provided but a fleeting glimpse of America's vast new diversity. This year, it was impossible to ignore, with unprecedented numbers of Hispanics joining blacks and women to push President Barack Obama back into the White House. The Republicans are facing a bleak future if they don't reinvent themselves.

With the white establishment now in the minority, this

nov 1 2012 : The broadening consensus: “Climate change amps up other basic factors that contribute to big storms. For example, the oceans have warmed, providing more energy for storms. And the Earth’s atmosphere has warmed, so it retains more moisture, which is drawn into storms and is then dumped on us.” Even those of us who are science-phobic can get the gist of that.

On Oct. 17 the giant

nov 2 2012 : Damian Carrington: Could the backing of Barack Obama by the mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg be "the most important news story of all time"?

The devastation of New York and Bloomberg's intervention was headlined "Vote for a president who will lead on climate change", while his Business Week magazine cover was ever starker: "It's climate change, stupid."

And was the "

oct 31 2012 : Refusing to have a political conversation about climate change now is akin to the insistence that the aftermath of a mass shooting is somehow an improper moment to talk about America’s gun laws.

In the most practical sense, Sandy is now part of Election Day. Ten states are disaster areas, and the estimates for when things will be back to normal, or even just workable, are conve

oct 2 2012 : The finance industry is to blame for the growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States, says Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Joseph Stiglitz. In an interview with SPIEGEL, he accuses the industry of preying on the poor and buying government policies that help them get richer.

SPIEGEL: What is the scale this inequality?

STIGLITZ: In the last decades, i

oct 1 2012 : George Monbiot : For 30 years big business, neoliberal thinktanks and the media have colluded to capture our political system, and they appear to be trying to free the rich from the constraints of democracy.

I see these people as rightwing vanguardists, mobilising first to break and then to capture a political system that is meant to belong to all of us. Like Marxist insurrecti
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