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april 3 2013 : Mr. Obama appears to be leaning toward approval of the Keystone XL pipeline (which would carry heavy crude oil from Alberta’s oil sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast), although he did not specifically mention it to the donors. But he acknowledged that it is difficult to sell aggressive environmental action to Americans who are still struggling in a difficult economy to pay bill

jan 4 2013 : In the case of America, its biggest Achilles heel is “consumer culture” politics: voters constantly demand instant gratification and have no patience for long-term structural reform, or for politicians who impose pain.

As an example of this is a striking statistic from California. In 2011 the state spent about 7.5 per cent of its budget on its sprawling network of public schools

24 dec 2012 : Kiwi bioscience companies secured millions in international investment and grabbed the global spotlight this year.

There are plenty of examples of companies to model. Here are a few: Lanzatech(Auckland); Living Cell Technologies (Auckland); CodaTherapeutics (Auckland); Pacific Edge (Dunedin); BioVittoria (Hamilton; Photonz (Auckland); BioDiscovery New Zealand Limited.

And a

dec 17 2012 : Susan Chalmers is policy lead at internetNZ and spokeswoman for the Fair Deal Coalition

The biggest cost that NZ could sustain under the TPP would be in the intellectual property, particularly copyright. This is because the most powerful party to the negotiations - the United States - is a net exporter of copyrighted goods (movies, books, TV shows, songs, games

dec 14 2012 : Massive UN climate summits have been held for years, but accomplished little. Believing there is almost no chance of securing a global deal on reducing emissions, experts now want to ditch the current system and try something new.

Instead, the process, culminating annually in highly publicized summits that invariably end in disappointment, has only managed to produce a series o

dec 14 2012 : Manufacturers have announced more than $90bn worth of investments in the US to take advantage of its cheap natural gas, according to new calculations, underlining how the shale revolution appears to be driving the country’s industrial renaissance.

Dow Chemical, which has announced its own $4bn investment plan in petrochemical plants in Texas and Louisiana, has calculated the

dec 3 2012 : LanzaTech NZ Ltd., a closely held developer of transportation fuels and chemicals from waste industrial gases, plans to begin building next year an ethanol plant at a Baosteel Group Corp. steel mill in China.

The facility will use LanzaTech’s genetically-modified microorganisms to convert carbon monoxide-containing gas into as much as 10 million gallons of fuel-grade ethanol a y

dec 3 2012 : The IMF has cemented a substantial ideological shift by accepting the use of direct controls to calm volatile cross-border capital flows, as employed by emerging market countries in recent years.

The IMF continued to argue that direct capital controls were not a substitute for macroeconomic responses to rapid inflows, including tightening fiscal policy, cutting interest rates a
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