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june 25 2013 : The Chief TPP agricultural negotiator for the US is the former Monsanto lobbyist, Islam Siddique. If ratified the TPP would impose punishing regulations that give multinational corporations unprecedented rights to demand taxpayer compensation for policies that corporations deem a barrier to their profits.

This agreement is attempting to establish corporations’ rights to skirt

may 27 2013 : America's unexpected, and most welcome, bonanza of natural gas from its vast shale deposits seems to be doing as much to reduce pollution as many of the efforts introduced over the years to restrict emissions from vehicles, power stations and other sources.

As a consequence of such remarkably cheap natural gas, the outlook for coal is dire.

The spot price of domestically p

may 26 2013 : The ethics of a geoengineering Plan B.

Engineering the climate is intuitively appealing to a powerful strand of Western technological thought that sees no ethical or other obstacle to total domination of nature.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere recently surpassed 400 parts per million for the first time in three million years.


may 26 2013 : Organisers say that two million people marched in protest against seed giant Monsanto in hundreds of rallies across the US and in more than 50 other countries on Saturday.

"We will continue until Monsanto complies with consumer demand. They are poisoning our children, poisoning our planet," she said. "If we don't act, who's going to?"

Monsanto, based in St Louis, said on Sat

may 10 2013 : The level of the most important heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, has passed a long-feared milestone, scientists reported on Friday, reaching a concentration not seen on the earth for at least three million years, before humans evolved, and scientists believe the rise portends large changes in the climate and the level of the sea.

The new measurement came fro

may 2 2013 : For years, economists have posited that prosperity requires growth, with environmental damage as the regrettable but unavoidable consequence. A growing number of critics are now challenging this equation and are calling for a radical revamping of the GDP economic system.

However, GDP does not factor in the over-exploitation of resources, the destruction of biological diversity,

april 28 2013 : Amid the enduring economic crisis, European governments are looking for new ways to fill empty coffers, and once unappealing mining projects are becoming far more attractive. One massive strip-mining project in Romania has divided the country.

Recently, though, much of Europe has seen what Theodota Nantsu of the WWF calls "an avalanche of regulation rollback" and an opening o

april 22 2013 : Last week the European emissions trading system died. It was supposed to create a market for carbon, whose escalating price would force companies to abandon fossil fuels and replace them with less polluting alternatives.

The scheme collapsed because of an over-supply of carbon permits had swamped the market. Why were too many permits issued? Because of the lobbying power of
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