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Hydraulic Fracturing : The new threat to ground water quality.
Still politically scorched from BP’s giant Gulf of Mexico spill, it couldn’t be a worse time for America’s oil giants to find themselves roasting in another environmental firestorm.
And so the story of natural capital debt challenges continues.
NZ Environment Minister nick smith at the June 2010 EDS conference in Auckland on the development of NZ environmental regulatory roles including the role of the new Environmental Protection Authority.

This movie is a must see, as whatever the specific numbers the trends are all going one way.

The End of the Line is a powerful film about one of the world's most disturbing problems - over-fishing. Advances in fishing technology mean whole species of wild fish are under threat and the most important stocks we eat are predicted to be in a state of collapse by 2050. The film points the finger
Tests to establish customary title, customary rights and mana tuku iho

A customary title is a territorial interest and will be recognised where the iwi or hapū can demonstrate that it has had exclusive use and occupation of the area from 1840 to the present without substantial interruption.

A customary right is a non-territorial interest acquired through custom and practice. Criteria for r

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