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Published News » The Internet as a Technology Worldview

july 23 2012 : Schools are using video conferencing to enhance learners' ability to use foreign languages. ''As soon as you have real people involved, it brings a soul to the curriculum. That has been the biggest change: the change of motivation from students wanting to get [the language] right.''

Successive federal governments have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying and failing to

may 20 2011 : Pacific Fibre's effort to build a second internet link out of New Zealand has got a multi-million dollar vote of confidence from a Crown-owned education, research and innovation network. The state-owned entity REANNZ, which operates the high-speed broadband network connecting universities and research centres, has signed up to be Pacific Fibre's first customer.

The agreement wi

may 17 2011 : As ACT peels away, Crown fibre bill hinges on Maori Party support. The controversial Telecommunications Amendment Bill is back in parliament for its final lap, setting the scene for a Telecom split and the final stages of Crown fibre contract negotiations.

The Maori Party support is shored up with the establishment of Nga Pu Waea, a new group that will meet bi-monthly with Tele

The 3D Documentary Explorer is a radical new way of telling the story of The Virtual Revolution, using video clips from the first two episodes of the series.

The 3D Documentary Explorer is an experiment in interactive documentary storytelling. There's a video walkthrough below and a detailed guide underneath the video. We'd love to hear your comments about the Explorer on our blog. What do y

Dec 23 2010 : The year that image linking archive retrieval hit the mass media.

Click through the pictures below to see how 2010 unfolded day-by-day.

Dec 9 2010 : Tumblr is a Web platform that is intended to make blogging easier, allowing users to post content in a wide range of formats. It’s now the 39th most viewed site on the Internet, with 10.5 million registered users. The system’s popularity has posed a few issues, causing servers to temporarily crash on Dec. 5.

Perhaps the construction of a new morality, based on knowledge and caring, may be carried through new media behaviors, forms of visualization and interactions that support community action and civic engagements in order to prevent – by re-negotiating and re-constructing a new sense of community – the erosion of the planet and of the humans on it.
Contemporary digital media – possibly more than

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