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sept 29 2012 : Reformers within the Roman Catholic Church have been calling for the ordination of women as priests. In 2008, the Vatican decreed that any woman who sought ordination, or a bishop who conferred holy orders on her, would be immediately “punished with excommunication”.

Also see Newsweek article "Let There Be Wife, Jesus’s Wife": The recent discovery of a scrap of papyrus making

february 7 2012 : Capitalism itself is not in crisis, but western capitalism is. This is a result of three strategic mistakes.

Editor note : As otherwise relevant as this article is, it doesn't factor in the environmental crisis of over exploitation.

The first error was to regard capitalism as an ideological good, not as a pragmatic instrument to improve human welfare. Alan Greenspan was

jan 22 2012 : How could such a disaster happen? Last week, Kodak filed for Chapter 11 protection. What went wrong for what was, until recently, one of the most successful brands on the planet?

What's not often appreciated is that it was Kodak that invented the digital camera – in 1975, and four years after that a Kodak executive named Larry Matteson produced a report that predicted, in some

8 dec 2011: US Secretary of State Clinton commented on the behaviour of Israeli soldiers who walked out on a performance by female singers. But God – at least, the God worshipped by the Haredim – is enraged whenever men listen to women singing, so of course they had to leave.

Editor: Consider re our environmental crisis and our Judeo-Christian tradition & our Western mind/body split & our an

13 dec 2011 : The Tate galleries are reviewing their 20-year partnership with BP, after demonstrations by green campaigners.

Sponsorship is increasingly contentious as arts organisations make up the shortfall in government funding.

The company's sponsorship of British arts institutions, including the National Gallery and the Royal Opera House, is worth more than £1m a year. It first att

feb 20 2011 : Will NZ get real? No. We are locked into a low-growth trajectory thanks to misdiagnosing our challenges, misjudging our opportunities and poor execution of our few good ideas.

These, though, are failures of character, not economics. We need a cultural revolution to help us build a business one. We need to overcome our five crippling Kiwi characteristics of complacency, delusio

feb 8 2011 : The United States is less exercised about climate change than a lot of countries, and it's one of the few places where you can turn on the television and catch a debate between mainstream figures about whether climate change is even real.

The idea that sustainable-resource use and renewable energy is some kind of socialist hippy hobby is incredibly naive and frivolous, and extre

Nov 2010 : By highlighting artistic projects, online platforms and individual viewpoints, we hope to raise awareness about climate change among artistic communities across Europe. We also aim to make this issue more visible to a wider circle of arts managers, curators, researchers, educators and experts, as well as to the general public.
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