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Published News » Sustainability Worldview as Humankind Survival Activism

jan 16 2011 : For those on our list, the coming year might best be described as "take your partners" time, as activists and corporates scramble for power – and we're predicting some unlikely marriages ahead. Commentators have noted that big business is taking an unprecedented interest in the environment and are pushing for conservation capitalism.

Dec 5 2010 : The Human Rights Commission wants the Crown and iwi to co-manage the marine and coastal area.

Its top two representatives, Rosslyn Noonan and Joris de Bres, presented the organisation's submission to the Maori Affairs select committee which held its second day of hearings in Auckland last week.

We can and should do better. In particular, New Zealand has not made the degree of transition that other advanced nations have. For instance, Denmark has boasted a 500% increase in advanced manufacturing over the last 20 years.

On the face of it, there is no reason why these two companies, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare and Weta Digital, should excel in New Zealand. After all, the biggest hea

This difference between image thinking and phonetic thinking,
according to Yuasa, has significant philosophical implications because it gives Eastern and Western cultures their respective characters.

Hence in the East, philosophy and religion are always accompanied by poetry and art. Contrary to the post-Enlightenment West where knowledge is seen as power and tools for humans to control and

“Every now and then in history, the human race takes a collective step forward in its evolution. Such a time is upon us now.”

Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) is defined as third-party assisted conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving, and involving people with differing views and interests working together in a systematic and organized way to find workable solutions to shared problems about environmental issues.
Tests to establish customary title, customary rights and mana tuku iho

A customary title is a territorial interest and will be recognised where the iwi or hapū can demonstrate that it has had exclusive use and occupation of the area from 1840 to the present without substantial interruption.

A customary right is a non-territorial interest acquired through custom and practice. Criteria for r
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