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Sustainability : Investing in the future.

The challenges posed by sustainability are unprecedented in their complexity. They cover a diverse range of issues including climate change and water scarcity, demographic shifts and resource availability, land use and labour rights. And they can affect all areas of your business, so evaluating the inter-relation of risks is crucial.

Corporate str

Far too many Kiwi accountants think sustainability is nothing more than a fringe concern pushed by environmentalists. So, the board of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants has decided to relegate this expertise to the fringe of its activities.

Best practice spatial planning is as much about local place-making as it is about the construction of central government-inspired large scale infrastructure. That is the kind of spatial plan that Auckland needs.
NZ Environment Minister nick smith at the June 2010 EDS conference in Auckland on the development of NZ environmental regulatory roles including the role of the new Environmental Protection Authority.
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