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nov 30 2015 : Disruptive change can come quickly, sweeping away management assumptions, upsetting strategic certainties and destroying the organisations founded on them.

But the more dangerous type of change comes slowly, so slowly that those assumptions and certainties stand until it is too late for incumbents to react.

And climate change is the slowest-moving and most dangerous of all

june 10 2015 : The investor-state arbitration system was created with good intentions, but in practice it has gone completely rogue.

If states do not pay up after the decision, their assets are subject to seizure in almost every country in the world.

The ultimate question is whether a foreign investor can force a government to change its laws to please the investor.

feb 21 2015 : Historians and sociologists of science say that since the tobacco wars of the 1960s, corporations trying to block legislation that hurts their interests have employed a strategy of creating the appearance of scientific doubt, usually with the help of ostensibly independent researchers who accept industry funding.

The documents show that Dr. Soon, in correspondence with his corp

feb 6 2015 : One major obstacle to the political endgame of the (TPP) is the reassertion of core democratic principles, evidenced by two recent developments.

First, the politicians still seem to believe they can get away with signing a deal of this magnitude while keeping it secret.

However in early January, the European Commission announced it would publish the whole text of the parall

oct 2 2014 : What impact will America's oil and gas boom from fracking have on US power and global geopolitics?

The US is not about long-term - the US is about tomorrow - see youtube @ 23.04 min.

These are historical developments,” Birol says. “The United States is becoming an energy exporter, completely new role, and the new US energy strategy and foreign policy will be based on this new

jan 15 2015 : The world entered a new epoch on July 16 1945 when humans detonated the first atomic bomb, scientists have concluded.

Human behaviour now has such an enormous impact on Earth that it has even altered the geology of the planet and tipped us into a new era, the Anthropocene.

Although humans have been leaving traces of their actions for thousands of years, it was not until the

jan 7 2015 : Vast underground reserves of oil, gas and coal should be classified as off limits if the world stands any chance of averting dangerous climate change, a journal Nature study of global fossil-fuel deposits has found.

In 2013 oil companies spent some $670bn on exploring for new oil and gas resources. One might ask why they are doing this when there is more in the ground that we ca

jan 5 2015 : pilita clark : -

Altogether, institutions and individuals responsible for at least $50bn of investment have said they will sell some or all of their fossil fuel holdings.

Over the past seven months, investors including the heirs to the Rockefeller Standard Oil fortune and the board of trustees at California’s Stanford University, have decided to avoid shares in coal c
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